Spiritual Conflict

Each of us as Christians is more or less involved in spiritual warfare. Indeed, most of the spiritual conflicts that happen to us take place in the invisible world.

Whether or not we are aware of the war raging between the Kingdom of God and that of satan does not mean that it does not exist.

Moreover, the impacts of this war will strongly depend on how we will react to the attacks of satan.

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Language: English
Volume: Volume 1
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Volume 1 (Lucifer Challenges God)

Eternity's perspective on the tragic betrayal of God's once-perfect creation - facts that give meaning to all subsequent history.

Six Part Series:

  • How Conflict Began: the Pre-Adamic Period
  • The Rebellion of Lucifer
  • Results Produced by Lucifer's Rebellion
  • The Adamic Race: Five Unique Features
  • Adam's Fall and its Results
  • Results of Adam's Fall (Continued)

Volume 2 (God’s Secret Plan Unfolds)

At the Cross, Jesus exhausted the curse on the Adamic race - then rose from the grave as Head of a completely new race.

Six Part Series:

  • Jesus the Last Adam
  • The Exchange Made at the Cross
  • Jesus Tasted Death in All its Phases
  • The Cross Cancelled Satan's Claims
  • Jesus the Second Man
  • God's Purpose for the New Race

Volume 3 (God’s People Triumphant)

Both God and Satan are preparing for the close of this age, Christians are challenged to play a decisive and victorious role.

Six Part Series:

  • Five Ways Christ Undoes Satan's Work
  • God's Programme for the Close of the Age - Part 1
  • God's Programme for the Close of the Age - Part 2
  • Satan's Programme for the Close of the Age
  • Restraining and Casting Down Satan
  • Spiritual Weapons: the Blood, the Word, Our Testimony

Volume 4 (Strategy for Conquest)

Until Jesus returns, we have one supreme assignment, for which God has already provided all the spiritual equipment.

Four Part Series:

  • God's Word - the Spirit's Sword
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom for All Nations
  • The Power of Personal Testimony
  • Triumphant Praise Study

Volume 5 (Weapons That Prevail)

Christians must take the initiative in this global conflict between opposing spiritual kingdoms.

Four Part Series:

  • The Real Enemy
  • Defensive Armour
  • Weapons of Attack
  • Aggressive Prayer

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Spiritual Warfare
Study Level: Intermediate
Available Languages: English
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