Protection From Deception

Deception is the greatest single danger in the end of the age

You can uncover the enemy's strategies, effectively engage in spiritual battles - and win!

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With relentless deceptions, Satan is scheming to destroy the church from within, keeping us from the divine love and protection of God. Learn how to uncover the enemy's strategies, effectively engage in spiritual battles - and WIN!

According to Scripture, supernatural signs and wonders will multiply as we approach the end times. God isn't the only one with a plan, however - Satan is plotting a scheme to deceive believers with supernatural signs and wonders of his own. With relentless deceptions, the devil tries to keep us from the divine love and protection of God.

In Protection from Deception, renowned Bible scholar Derek Prince will equip you to:

  • Test the source of supernatural signs and wonders.
  • Discern truth from falsehood.
  • Break free from the strongholds of Satan.
  • Resist the schemes of Satan.
  • Powerfully share the Gospel.

Don't be deceived!

Customer Reviews:

"Excellent explanations of deception and false teaching in the church today. Very clear and bible based, every Christian ought to read this and learn from it."

"This is an excellent book. It is very clearly written, so that people from all kinds of backgrounds can understand it. Derek Prince explains what the genuine pouring out of the Holy Spirit is like and then gives pointers for recognising supernatural phenomena which do not come from the Holy Spirit. I readily recommend this book."

"There is no doubt that the Christian church is amok with deception, false teachers for those with itching ears and counterfeit signs and wonders. There is a move to discredit the words of the bible in order to fit with the post modern era so this book is a useful tool as a reference."

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Church & Leadership, Spiritual Warfare, and End Times
Study Level: Beginner
Available Languages: English, French
Pages: 252*
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SKUs: ISBN-769, B-54FR, EB-94
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