Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Study Booklet

Recognise the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit study series is a must have resource for all students of the Bible.

Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Listen and learn about the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit with Derek Prince.
This thorough series offers practical instruction on receiving and implementing these gifts in your life. Derek also explains how to understand and exercise these and gives a comprehensive description on the different types of tongues.

To be used as a study guide in conjunction with the audio series Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit (includes 2 volumes)

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Holy Spirit and Spiritual Growth
Study Level: Beginner
Available Languages: English
Pages: 53*
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Related ISBNs: ISBN-064
SKUs: ISBN-064
* Approximate, subject to edition.

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