Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage or Celibacy

Can people remarry after their divorce?

Many Christians have questions about marriage, divorce, remarriage and celibacy. Derek Prince addresses them. A vitally important message for family life today.

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Language: English
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God's Word reveals much about our roles in a family as men and women of God. These messages are vitally important if we are to preserve the traditional marriage and family pattern.

Five Part Series:

  • A Man Prepares for Marriage
  • The Marriage Covenant
  • How to Be a Father
  • Divorce, Remarriage, Celibacy
  • A Woman Prepares for Marriage (Ruth Prince)

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Relationships
Study Level: Beginner
Available Languages: English
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Number of Discs: 5
Related ISBNs: ACD-4181 -4/8004 | MP3-MDRC
SKUs: ACD-4181 -4/8004, MP3-MDRC

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Number of Discs: 5

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