Immersion In The Spirit

Each of the four gospels specifically states that Jesus Christ baptizes people in the Holy Spirit

Just as every Israelite leaving Egypt was immersed in a supernatural cloud, Derek Prince explains how Christians today should be immersed in the Holy Spirit. He presents seven requirements for receiving this baptism.

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Immersion can be accomplished in two ways: the swimming pool way and the Niagara Falls way. This booklet takes a closer look at the Niagara Falls experience, which relates to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Points Derek explains are:

  • Jesus is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit.
  • The baptism is both a seal and a down payment.
  • Fruit or gift-which is it, and why?
  • How the Holy Spirit comes.
  • Why the Holy Spirit was given.

Derek finishes the teaching by presenting the seven requirements for receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Are you thirsty? Be prepared to drink deeply.

This booklet series takes you through the central truths of the gospel as presented in Hebrews 6:1–2. This is the sixth segment of that teaching.


Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Holy Spirit, Christian Living, and Spiritual Warfare
Study Level: Beginner
Available Languages: English, Vietnamese
Pages: 42*
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