Hear God's Voice

Imagine a life in which you clearly hear God's voice and follow His will daily

Do you long for God to speak to you, bringing guidance, strength, and comfort? Perhaps you have been praying for a word from God, but the heavens seem silent. Nothing is more important than knowing how to hear from God because our spiritual life depends on it. Without it, we can't know and obey His will for us, and we may go down the wrong path or miss His plans for us

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This is the lifestyle you have been waiting for: hearing God’s voice and following Him each day, each step of the way. Internationally renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince explains the practical steps you can take to hear from God, develop a close relationship with Him, remove obstacles to recognizing His voice, and understand the ways in which He communicates.

As you cultivate the practice of hearing God’s voice, you will receive the fresh, daily bread that nourishes you spiritually and find divine direction and strength for your ongoing walk with Him. Hearing God enables you to follow Him more confidently, love Him more deeply, and serve Him more completely.

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Spiritual Growth and Christian Living
Study Level: Beginner
Available Languages: English, English (US)
Pages: 143*
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